Nutri Snail Daily Skin Set

Nutri Snail Daily Skin Set

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Cure your raging acne with the skin renewing effects of Nutri-Snail Daily Skin Set!

Make your skin more rejuvenated with the cooling and calming goodness from the real essences of snail secretion filtrate.

It helps in skin regeneration and repair from deep within in just a little amount of time!

Nutri Snail effectively comforts your skin with its moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients.

Why use the three?

     After washing your face with your cleansers (foam or oil)
It would be best to use Nutri Snail Daily Skin Toner to remove all the excess dirt that was not removed by your cleansers and balancing your skin’s PH level.

 Toner also helps in shrinking the appearance of pores and brightens your skin tone.

Afterward, you can also add our Nutri Snail Daily Essence to help in aiding skin repair, by adding missing elements on your skin.

Lastly, adding Nutri Snail Daily Cream would help your skin be moisturized and have more vitality.


BEST USED FOR: Moisturizing, Anti Aging, Calming and soothing your oily skin


Size: Toner 270ml

Size: Essence 120ml

Size: Cream 200ml

Usage / How To

After cleansing your face, pour an appropriate amount to the cotton and wipe your face evenly with the toner, afterward proceed to apply essence to the face and finish off with cream.